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Looking for the best solution to host your website? Growing web project requires more resources? Hosting a website on a virtual private server (VPS) is ideal for young as well as for quite a big projects. We have made the process of deploying a website simple and intuitive - place your website on your own server with dedicated resources in just a few minutes without any special technical knowledge.

The main problem of shared hosting is that on one physical server can be located hundreds of websites. Theoretical each site must successfully cope with several thousand users per day, nevertheless, in practice everything often goes sideways.

However, if you lease a virtual private server, this isn't a problem for you anymore. You have a certain amount of hardware resources at your disposal that none else can use. Therefore, even at peak times your site will work stably, and during the slow periods no other application would be able to occupy the RAM or CPU time. In addition, the cost of hosting a website on a virtual private server, only slightly higher than the cost of a shared hosting solution, and you get a lot more resources at your disposal and absolutely full control over your own server - implement any, even the most complex projects, install any applications, change and customize any settings.

Website On A Virtual Private Server - It Is Easy!

Deploy popular CMS or hosting panel in one click without any technical knowledge! Your site is ready in a few minutes.

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Hosting 1

Up to 1 000 visits/day

CPUCPU 2 vCores
StorageStorage 20 GB
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Hosting 2

Up to 5 000 visits/day

CPUCPU 2 vCores
StorageStorage 40 GB
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Compute 4

Up to 50 000 visits/day

CPUCPU 4 vCores
StorageStorage 60 GB
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Compute 8

100 000+ visits/day

CPUCPU 4 vCores
StorageStorage 80 GB
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Pay attention! We do not provide services for server management. This means that we do not provide assistance in maintenance and configuring your server and your website. All responsibility for configuration, operation and proper functioning of server software, including website and operating system, is up to you. Our role is to provide you quality infrastructure and ensuring smoother operation and availability of servers.